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District: Thoothukkudi

Constituency: Ottapidaram

Polling Stations List for Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Click here to see the list of Booth Level officers

Polling Station No.Polling Station NameVoters ListPolling Station MapTotal ElectorsAreasVillage/town
1 Voters ListMap Link1137 Onamakulam
2 Voters ListMap Link487 Thazhaiyathu
2 Voters ListMap Link487 Onamakulam
3 Voters ListMap Link781 Ilavelangal
4 Voters ListMap Link521 Iravanpatti
4 Voters ListMap Link521 Ilavelangal
5 Voters ListMap Link871 Thennampatti
6 Voters ListMap Link564 Kothali
7 Voters ListMap Link1185 Kalappaipatti
8 Voters ListMap Link992 Keelakottai
8 Voters ListMap Link992 Govindapuram
9 Voters ListMap Link1062 Kailasapuram
10 Voters ListMap Link1007 Kodiyankulam
11 Voters ListMap Link860 Ackanaickenpatti
12 Voters ListMap Link775 Ackanaickenpatti
13 Voters ListMap Link657 Ackanaickenpatti
14 Voters ListMap Link668 Marudanvalvoonaraikinar
15 Voters ListMap Link878 Marudanvalvoonaraikinar
16 Voters ListMap Link606 Marudanvalvoonaraikinar
17 Voters ListMap Link982 Kollankinaru
18 Voters ListMap Link729 Parivallikkottai
19 Voters ListMap Link713 Kalathikinaru
19 Voters ListMap Link713 Parivallikkottai
20 Voters ListMap Link741 Malaipatti
21 Voters ListMap Link868 Ottainatham
22 Voters ListMap Link750 Ottainatham
23 Voters ListMap Link1024 Maniyachi
24 Voters ListMap Link183 Paraikuttam
25 Voters ListMap Link658 Melapandiyapuram
26 Voters ListMap Link876 Sangampatti
27 Voters ListMap Link569 Araikkulam
28 Voters ListMap Link1079 Kulasekaranallur
29 Voters ListMap Link1064 Osanathu
29 Voters ListMap Link1064 Kulasekaranallur
30 Voters ListMap Link459 Savarimangalam
30 Voters ListMap Link459 S.Kailasapuram
31 Voters ListMap Link968 Kompadi
31 Voters ListMap Link968 Savarimangalam
32 Voters ListMap Link571 S.Kailasapuram
32 Voters ListMap Link571 Savarimangalam
33 Voters ListMap Link717 Jambulingapuram
34 Voters ListMap Link674 Pudhucheri
34 Voters ListMap Link674 Jambulingapuram
35 Voters ListMap Link849 Ottappidaram
36 Voters ListMap Link1022 Ottappidaram
37 Voters ListMap Link997 Vadakupcheri
37 Voters ListMap Link997 Ottappidaram
38 Voters ListMap Link851 Mupalipatti
38 Voters ListMap Link851 Ottappidaram
39 Voters ListMap Link916 Melamadam
39 Voters ListMap Link916 Ottappidaram
40 Voters ListMap Link846 Southarvankadu
40 Voters ListMap Link846 Ottappidaram
41 Voters ListMap Link1022 Panchalamkurich
42 Voters ListMap Link957 kavarnageri
43 Voters ListMap Link915 Panchalamkurich
44 Voters ListMap Link636 Agiladampuram
44 Voters ListMap Link636 Panchalamkurich
45 Voters ListMap Link876 Subiramaniyapuram
45 Voters ListMap Link876 Kurukksalai
46 Voters ListMap Link661 Subiramaniyapuram
46 Voters ListMap Link661 Kurukksalai
47 Voters ListMap Link1103 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
48 Voters ListMap Link810 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
49 Voters ListMap Link649 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
50 Voters ListMap Link624 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
51 Voters ListMap Link707 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
52 Voters ListMap Link678 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
53 Voters ListMap Link718 Pudiyamputhur (CT)
54 Voters ListMap Link527 Swaminatham
55 Voters ListMap Link707 Swaminatham
56 Voters ListMap Link1095 Rajavin kovli
56 Voters ListMap Link1095 Swaminatham
57 Voters ListMap Link1007 Southveerapandiyapuram
58 Voters ListMap Link719 Sillanatham
59 Voters ListMap Link547 Sillanatham
60 Voters ListMap Link376 Valasamuthram
61 Voters ListMap Link882 Mela Arasadi
62 Voters ListMap Link746 Mela Arasadi
63 Voters ListMap Link779 Kumarapuram
63 Voters ListMap Link779 S.Kumarapuram
64 Voters ListMap Link861 Tharuvaikulam
65 Voters ListMap Link1214 Tharuvaikulam
66 Voters ListMap Link666 Tharuvaikulam
67 Voters ListMap Link780 Tharuvaikulam
68 Voters ListMap Link1105 Tharuvaikulam
69 Voters ListMap Link810 Keela Arasadi
70 Voters ListMap Link527 Keela Arasadi
71 Voters ListMap Link641 Pudur pandiyapuram
72 Voters ListMap Link748 Sankaraperi (CT)
73 Voters ListMap Link959 Sankaraperi (CT)
74 Voters ListMap Link1012 Sankaraperi (CT)
75 Voters ListMap Link880 Sankaraperi (CT)
76 Voters ListMap Link1245 Sankaraperi (CT)
77 Voters ListMap Link1143 Sankaraperi (CT)
78 Voters ListMap Link1671 Sankaraperi (CT)
79 Voters ListMap Link1360 Sankaraperi (CT)
80 Voters ListMap Link916 Sankaraperi (CT)
81 Voters ListMap Link729 Sankaraperi (CT)
82 Voters ListMap Link1166 Sankaraperi (CT)
83 Voters ListMap Link1324 Sankaraperi (CT)
84 Voters ListMap Link842 Mappilaiurani (CT)
85 Voters ListMap Link800 Mappilaiurani (CT)
86 Voters ListMap Link905 Mappilaiurani (CT)
87 Voters ListMap Link975 Mappilaiurani (CT)
88 Voters ListMap Link873 Mappilaiurani (CT)
89 Voters ListMap Link945 Mappilaiurani (CT)
90 Voters ListMap Link632 Mappilaiurani (CT)
91 Voters ListMap Link737 Mappilaiurani (CT)
92 Voters ListMap Link526 Mappilaiurani (CT)
93 Voters ListMap Link962 Mappilaiurani (CT)
94 Voters ListMap Link854 Mappilaiurani (CT)
95 Voters ListMap Link528 Mappilaiurani (CT)
96 Voters ListMap Link745 Mappilaiurani (CT)
97 Voters ListMap Link1177 Mappilaiurani (CT)
98 Voters ListMap Link603 Mappilaiurani (CT)
99 Voters ListMap Link1091 Mappilaiurani (CT)
100 Voters ListMap Link422 Mappilaiurani (CT)
101 Voters ListMap Link353 Mappilaiurani (CT)
102 Voters ListMap Link1195 Mappilaiurani (CT)
103 Voters ListMap Link1166 Mappilaiurani (CT)
104 Voters ListMap Link507 Mappilaiurani (CT)
105 Voters ListMap Link1012 Mappilaiurani (CT)
106 Voters ListMap Link847 Mappilaiurani (CT)
107 Voters ListMap Link630 Mappilaiurani (CT)
108 Voters ListMap Link105 Mappilaiurani (CT)
109 Voters ListMap Link1147 Mappilaiurani (CT)
110 Voters ListMap Link1527 Mappilaiurani (CT)
111 Voters ListMap Link1305 Mappilaiurani (CT)
112 Voters ListMap Link1120 Mappilaiurani (CT)
113 Voters ListMap Link649 Mappilaiurani (CT)
114 Voters ListMap Link1024 Alanda
115 Voters ListMap Link724 Poovani
116 Voters ListMap Link530 Poovani
117 Voters ListMap Link933 Poovani
118 Voters ListMap Link633 Sokkaligam meenatchi
118 Voters ListMap Link633 Sekkarakkudi
119 Voters ListMap Link634 Sokkaligam
119 Voters ListMap Link634 Sekkarakkudi
120 Voters ListMap Link1102 Sekkarakkudi
121 Voters ListMap Link778 Sekkarakkudi
122 Voters ListMap Link717 Sekkarakkudi
123 Voters ListMap Link756 Sekkarakkudi
124 Voters ListMap Link721 Umarikottai
125 Voters ListMap Link643 Umarikottai
126 Voters ListMap Link892 Dalvaypuram
127 Voters ListMap Link787 Mela Thattaparai
128 Voters ListMap Link623 Mela Thattaparai
129 Voters ListMap Link614 Vadakkusilukkanpatti
130 Voters ListMap Link545 Vadakkusilukkanpatti
131 Voters ListMap Link871 Ayyanadaippu
132 Voters ListMap Link842 Ayyanadaippu
133 Voters ListMap Link823 Ayyanadaippu
134 Voters ListMap Link1017 Maravanmatam
135 Voters ListMap Link1158 Maravanmatam
136 Voters ListMap Link900 Kuttudankadu
137 Voters ListMap Link1349 Kuttudankadu
138 Voters ListMap Link692 Kuttudankadu
139 Voters ListMap Link958 Allikkulam
140 Voters ListMap Link857 Keelathattapparai
141 Voters ListMap Link749 Timmarajapuram
142 Voters ListMap Link1136 Timmarajapuram
142 Voters ListMap Link1136 Perurani
143 Voters ListMap Link727 Varthakareddipatti
144 Voters ListMap Link717 Varthakareddipatti
145 Voters ListMap Link924 Kilavallanadu
146 Voters ListMap Link972 Poddalurani
146 Voters ListMap Link972 Ellainayakkanpatti
147 Voters ListMap Link663 Deivaseyalpuram
148 Voters ListMap Link669 Deivaseyalpuram
148 Voters ListMap Link669 Ellainayakkanpatti
149 Voters ListMap Link864 Vadakkukariseri
150 Voters ListMap Link943 Kasiligampuram
150 Voters ListMap Link943 Singathakurichi
151 Voters ListMap Link771 Singathakurichi
152 Voters ListMap Link737 Alanda
153 Voters ListMap Link575 Ulakkudi
154 Voters ListMap Link922 Kaliyavur
155 Voters ListMap Link620 Kaliyavur
156 Voters ListMap Link980 Vadavallanadu
157 Voters ListMap Link772 Vadavallanadu
158 Voters ListMap Link855 Vadavallanadu
159 Voters ListMap Link740 Vallanadu (Kasba)
160 Voters ListMap Link602 Vallanadu (Kasba)
161 Voters ListMap Link787 Vallanadu (Kasba)
162 Voters ListMap Link1020 Vallanadu (Kasba)
163 Voters ListMap Link617 Vallanadu (Kasba)
164 Voters ListMap Link707 Muruppanadukovilpattu
165 Voters ListMap Link543 Muruppanadukovilpattu
166 Voters ListMap Link897 Kilputhaneri
167 Voters ListMap Link839 Murappanadu Pudugramam
168 Voters ListMap Link653 Vasavappapuram
169 Voters ListMap Link673 Vasavappapuram
170 Voters ListMap Link1031 Vasavappapuram
171 Voters ListMap Link1055 Vitthalapuram
172 Voters ListMap Link1169 Vitthalapuram
173 Voters ListMap Link535 Alikkudi
174 Voters ListMap Link725 Muthulangurichi
175 Voters ListMap Link909 Seydunganallur
175 Voters ListMap Link909 Vitthalapuram
176 Voters ListMap Link889 Nanalkadu
177 Voters ListMap Link596 Manakkarai
178 Voters ListMap Link788 Manakkarai
179 Voters ListMap Link597 Manakkarai
180 Voters ListMap Link814 Aniyaparanallur
181 Voters ListMap Link644 Aniyaparanallur
182 Voters ListMap Link584 Aniyaparanallur
183 Voters ListMap Link742 Aniyaparanallur
183 Voters ListMap Link742 Srimulakkarai
183 Voters ListMap Link742 Tannuthu
184 Voters ListMap Link860 Mudivaithanendal
185 Voters ListMap Link879 Mudivaithanendal
186 Voters ListMap Link731 Mudivaithanendal
187 Voters ListMap Link567 Mudivaithanendal
188 Voters ListMap Link674 Mudivaithanendal
189 Voters ListMap Link752 Mudivaithanendal
190 Voters ListMap Link963 Kattalangulam
191 Voters ListMap Link968 Kattalangulam
192 Voters ListMap Link1084 Servaikaranmadam
193 Voters ListMap Link771 Servaikaranmadam
194 Voters ListMap Link525 Servaikaranmadam
195 Voters ListMap Link862 Servaikaranmadam
196 Voters ListMap Link647 Kumaragiri (CT)
197 Voters ListMap Link885 Kumaragiri (CT)
198 Voters ListMap Link932 Kumaragiri (CT)
199 Voters ListMap Link864 Kumaragiri (CT)
200 Voters ListMap Link479 Kumaragiri (CT)
201 Voters ListMap Link729 Kumaragiri (CT)
202 Voters ListMap Link804 Kumaragiri (CT)
203 Voters ListMap Link804 Kumaragiri (CT)
204 Voters ListMap Link1193 Kumaragiri (CT)
205 Voters ListMap Link898 Kumaragiri (CT)
206 Voters ListMap Link433 Korampallam (Part)
207 Voters ListMap Link1001 Korampallam (Part)
208 Voters ListMap Link998 Korampallam (Part)
209 Voters ListMap Link1127 Korampallam (Part)
210 Voters ListMap Link855 Korampallam (Part)
211 Voters ListMap Link678 Korampallam (Part)
212 Voters ListMap Link494 Kuliyankarisal
213 Voters ListMap Link757 Kuliyankarisal
214 Voters ListMap Link498 Kuliyankarisal
215 Voters ListMap Link1106 Kuliyankarisal
216 Voters ListMap Link753 Korampallam (Part)
217 Voters ListMap Link657 Korampallam (Part)
218 Voters ListMap Link783 Korampallam (Part)
219 Voters ListMap Link711 Korampallam (Part)
220 Voters ListMap Link520 Korampallam (Part)
221 Voters ListMap Link674 Korampallam (Part)
222 Voters ListMap Link954 Korampallam (Part)
223 Voters ListMap Link492 Korampallam (Part)
224 Voters ListMap Link1149 Korampallam (Part)
225 Voters ListMap Link793 Korampallam (Part)
226 Voters ListMap Link1085 Korampallam (Part)
227 Voters ListMap Link1045 Korampallam (Part)
228 Voters ListMap Link1085 Korampallam (Part)

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