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District: Madurai

Polling Stations List for Lok Sabha Elections 2014
Click here to see the list of Booth Level officers

Polling Station No.Polling Station NameVoters ListPolling Station MapTotal ElectorsAreasVillage/town
1 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
2 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
3 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
4 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
5 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
6 Voters ListMap Link  Vadapalanji
7 Voters ListMap Link  Karadipatti (CT)
8 Voters ListMap Link  Karadipatti (CT)
9 Voters ListMap Link  Karadipatti (CT)
10 Voters ListMap Link  Karadipatti (CT)
11 Voters ListMap Link  Karadipatti (CT)
12 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
12 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
13 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
13 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
14 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
14 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
15 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
15 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
16 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
16 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
17 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
17 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
18 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
18 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
19 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
19 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
20 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
20 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
21 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
21 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
22 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
22 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
23 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
23 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
24 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
24 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
25 Voters ListMap Link  Vadivelkarai
26 Voters ListMap Link  Vadivelkarai
27 Voters ListMap Link  Kilakuyilkudi
28 Voters ListMap Link  Kilakuyilkudi
29 Voters ListMap Link  Kilakuyilkudi
30 Voters ListMap Link  Melakuyilkudi
31 Voters ListMap Link  Melakuyilkudi
32 Voters ListMap Link  Sangilipatti
33 Voters ListMap Link  Thenpalanji
34 Voters ListMap Link  Thenpalanji
35 Voters ListMap Link  Thoppur
36 Voters ListMap Link  Thoppur
37 Voters ListMap Link  Thoppur
38 Voters ListMap Link  Thoppur
39 Voters ListMap Link  Vedarpuliankulam
40 Voters ListMap Link  Vedarpuliankulam
41 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
42 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
43 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
44 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
45 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
46 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
47 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
48 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
49 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
50 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
51 Voters ListMap Link  Thanakkankulam (CT)
52 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
52 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
53 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
53 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
54 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
54 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
55 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
55 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
56 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
56 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
57 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
57 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
58 Voters ListMap Link  Vilacheri (CT)
58 Voters ListMap Link  Nagamalaipudukottai (CT)
59 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
59 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
60 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
60 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
61 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
61 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
62 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
62 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
63 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
63 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
64 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
64 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
65 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
65 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
66 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
66 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
67 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
67 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
68 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
68 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
69 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
69 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
70 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
70 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
71 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
71 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
72 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
72 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
73 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
73 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
74 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
74 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagari
75 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
75 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
76 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
76 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
77 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
77 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
78 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
78 Voters ListMap Link  Thirunagar
79 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
79 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
80 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
80 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
81 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
81 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
82 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
82 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
83 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
83 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
83 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
83 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
84 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
84 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
85 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
85 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
86 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
86 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
87 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
87 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
88 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
88 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
89 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
89 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
90 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
90 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
91 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
91 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
92 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
92 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
93 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
93 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
94 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
94 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
94 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
95 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
95 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
95 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
96 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
96 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
97 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
97 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
98 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
98 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
99 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
99 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
100 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
100 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
101 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
101 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
102 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
102 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
103 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
103 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
104 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
104 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
105 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
105 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
106 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
106 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
107 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
107 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
108 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
108 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
109 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
109 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
110 Voters ListMap Link  Tirupparankundram (OG)
110 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
111 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
111 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
112 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
112 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
113 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
113 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
114 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
114 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
115 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
115 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
116 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
116 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
117 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
117 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
118 Voters ListMap Link  Harvipatti
118 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
119 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
120 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
121 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
122 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
123 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
124 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
125 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
126 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
127 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
128 Voters ListMap Link  koothiyarkundu
128 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
129 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
129 Voters ListMap Link  Koothiyarkundu
130 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
131 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
132 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
133 Voters ListMap Link  Nilaiyur (I Bit) (CT)
134 Voters ListMap Link  Soorakkulam
135 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
136 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
137 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
138 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
139 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
140 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
141 Voters ListMap Link  Perungudi
142 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
142 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
143 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
143 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
144 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
144 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
145 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
145 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
146 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
146 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
147 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
147 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
148 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
148 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
149 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
149 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
150 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
150 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
151 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
151 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
152 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
152 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
153 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
153 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
154 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
154 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
155 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
155 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
156 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
156 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
157 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
157 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
158 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
158 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
159 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
159 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
160 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
160 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
161 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
161 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
162 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
162 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
163 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
163 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
164 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
164 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
165 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
165 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
166 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
166 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
167 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
167 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
168 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
168 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
169 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
169 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
170 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
170 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
171 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
171 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
172 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
172 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
173 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
173 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
174 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
174 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
175 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
175 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
176 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
176 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
177 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
177 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
178 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
178 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
179 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
179 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
180 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
180 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
181 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
181 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
182 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
182 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
183 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
183 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
184 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
184 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
185 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
185 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
186 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
186 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
187 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
187 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
188 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
188 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
189 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
189 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
190 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
190 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
191 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
191 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
192 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
192 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
193 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
193 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
194 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
194 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
195 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
195 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
196 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
196 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
197 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
197 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
198 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
198 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
199 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
199 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
200 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
200 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
201 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
201 Voters ListMap Link  Avaniyapuram
202 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
202 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
203 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
203 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
204 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
204 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
205 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
205 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
206 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
206 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
207 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
207 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
208 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
208 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
209 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
209 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
210 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
210 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
211 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
211 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
212 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
212 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
213 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
213 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
214 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
214 Voters ListMap Link  Mela anuppanadi
215 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
215 Voters ListMap Link  Chinna Anuppanadi (CT)
216 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
216 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
217 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
217 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
218 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
218 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
219 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
219 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
220 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
220 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
221 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
221 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
222 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
222 Voters ListMap Link  Chinthamani
223 Voters ListMap Link  Iravadanallur (CT)
223 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
224 Voters ListMap Link  Iravadanallur (CT)
224 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
225 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
225 Voters ListMap Link  Iravadanallur (CT)
226 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
226 Voters ListMap Link  Iravadanallur (CT)
227 Voters ListMap Link  Madurai
227 Voters ListMap Link  Iravadanallur (CT)
228 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
229 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
230 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
231 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
232 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
233 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
234 Voters ListMap Link  Viraganur (CT)
235 Voters ListMap Link  Puliyankulam
236 Voters ListMap Link  Puliyankulam
237 Voters ListMap Link  Puliyankulam
238 Voters ListMap Link  Silaiman (CT)
239 Voters ListMap Link  Silaiman (CT)
240 Voters ListMap Link  Silaiman (CT)
241 Voters ListMap Link  Silaiman (CT)
242 Voters ListMap Link  Silaiman (CT)
243 Voters ListMap Link  Panaiyur
244 Voters ListMap Link  Panaiyur
245 Voters ListMap Link  Panaiyur
246 Voters ListMap Link  Samanatham (CT)
247 Voters ListMap Link  Samanatham (CT)
248 Voters ListMap Link  Perumanendal
249 Voters ListMap Link  Perumanendal
250 Voters ListMap Link  Kusavankundu
250 Voters ListMap Link  Kudalsengulam
250 Voters ListMap Link  Ramankulam
251 Voters ListMap Link  Pappanodai
251 Voters ListMap Link  Kusavankundu
252 Voters ListMap Link  Pappanodai
252 Voters ListMap Link  Kusavankundu
253 Voters ListMap Link  Solankuruni
254 Voters ListMap Link  Solankuruni
255 Voters ListMap Link  Solankuruni
256 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
257 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
258 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
259 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
260 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
261 Voters ListMap Link  Valayankulam
262 Voters ListMap Link  Valayapatti
263 Voters ListMap Link  Periya Alangulam
264 Voters ListMap Link  Periya Alangulam
265 Voters ListMap Link  Periya Alangulam
265 Voters ListMap Link  Othaialangulam
266 Voters ListMap Link  Kombadi
267 Voters ListMap Link  Nedumadurai
268 Voters ListMap Link  Nedumadurai
269 Voters ListMap Link  Paraippathi
270 Voters ListMap Link  Periya Koodakoil
270 Voters ListMap Link  Paraippathi
271 Voters ListMap Link  Eliyarpatti
272 Voters ListMap Link  Nallur
273 Voters ListMap Link  Viradhanur
274 Voters ListMap Link  Kusavapatti
274 Voters ListMap Link  Viradhanur
275 Voters ListMap Link  Viradhanur

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