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District: Hoshiarpur 

Constituency: Dasuya
Booth Level Officers List

Polling Station No.Polling Station NameNameDesignationOffice AddressContact No.
1Govt. Ele. School,HimmatpurKulwinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya01883-286734 80542-57915
2Govt. Ele. School,HimmatpurJasvir Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94638-51206
3Govt. Ele. School,TerkianaAmarjit Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94632-22635
4Govt. Ele. School,TerkianaHarjit Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya99140-42734
5Govt.Elementary School, WadhayianMohinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya01883-253397 98151-77096
6Govt. Elementary School, Baja ChakNirmala Devi Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya01883-254018 94647-39628
7Govt. Ele. School,Narain GarhSarbjit Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94633-06182
8Govt. Sec. School, ChhanglaSukhwinder Singh Panchayat SecretartyBDPO Office Dasuya98883-39053 94652-54695
9Govt. Sec. School, ChhanglaJasvir Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94179-26163
10Govt. Ele. School,BhekhowalSuman Devi Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94632-22357
11Govt.Ele. School, GalowalDilbag Singh AccountantMarket Committee Dasuya94636-74819
12Govt. Ele. School,Passi BetAmandeep Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya99155-71152
13Govt.Ele.School,GorsiyaKulwant Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya97792-48508
14Ges KaveKulwant Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya99155-68933
15Govt.Ele .School,LalewalJaswant Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya94647-83475
16Govt. Ele. School,BalrhaSooram Singh Panchayat SecretaryBDPO Office Dasuya94640-60130
17Govt. Ele. School, MaddaUsha Devi Aganwari WorkerBDPO Dasuya1883286734
18Govt. Ele. School, GiljianSatya Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O office Dasuya95017-33464
19Govt.Ele.School KahalwaJhirmal Singh Auction RecorderMarket Committee Dasuya98147-56179
20Govt Ele. School Kaluwal KotlaSh. Jit Masih SectarySectary, Co-Op. Society, Kahlwan97790-84805
21Govt. High. School AlampurKrishna Devi Aganwari WorkerC D P O Tanda97801-67452
22Govt.High.School,ChakbamuSurinder Singh, SectarySectary, Co-Op. Soceity Gilzian94632-57256
23Govt.High.School,ChakbamuSatwant Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O office Dasuya 
24Govt. Ele. School,BhushaReepak Sharma ClerkGHS Alampur98154-51132
25Govt Ele. School, KayraJaswinder Kaur ClerkGHS Chak Bamu98780-37555
26Govt.Ele.School,SafadarpurGurpal Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya98145-69743
27Govt.Ele.School,SafadarpurGurbax Singh Pump OperatorPSTC Dasuya94176-05297
28Govt. Elementary School, JandRajwinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya84375-57782
29Govt. Elementary School,Kulia BalanAmarjit Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94653-96543
30Govt. Elementary School,Kulia BalanJaswinderjit Singh InspectorA.R. Co.Op Society Dasuya98145-69743
31Govt Middle School, BudhobarkatBaldev Singh Auction RecorderMarket Committee Dasuya94174-78665
32Govt Middle School, BudhobarkatRajpinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya01883-283472 94632-23030
33Govt. Ele. School,SehgeNirmala Davi Aganwari WorkerC.D.P.O Dasuya98558-25371
34Govt. Ele. School,SadarpurNarinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC.D.P.O Dasuya97813-32882
35Govt. Elementary School, LaminRajinder Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94175-49592
36Govt. Elementary School, LaminAmrik Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya99154-60617
37Govt. Elementary School, Uchi BassiJanak Raj ClerkE O M C Dasuya81462-72732
38Govt. Elementary School, Uchi BassiRajesh Kumar ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya94782-45501
39Govt. Elementary School, Usman ShahidPrem Pal ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya99153-23541
40Govt. Elementary School, Usman ShahidVipin Kumar ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya84273-11344
41Govt. Ele. School, Kotli KhurdParmodh Kumar ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya94658-59651
42Govt. Elementary School, KhairabadRakesh Kumar ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya94173-78798
43Govt.Ele.School,Pandori AraianBakhtawar Singh ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya98150-91779
44Govt.Ele.School,Pandori AraianRaj Pal ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya94781-79907
45Govt. Elementary School, DugriParamjit Singh InspectorMarket Committee Dasuya94173-24280
46Govt. Ele. School,JhingarhklanHarjinder Singh ClerkMarket Committee Dasuya98155-62561
47Govt. Ele. School,JhingarhklanNirmala Kumari ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya96460-01016
48Govt Ele. School-GambhowalBalvir Kuar ClerkC.D.P.O. Dasuya94649-28014
49Govt Ele. School,BerchhaPoonam Rani A/RMarket Committee Dasuya94784-53089
50Govt Ele. School,BerchhaRajni Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O. Dasuya99887-53888
51Govt. Ele. School,BodalRamesh Pal ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya98767-17822
52Govt. Ele. School,BodalKamal Dev ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya01883-285052 84270-72682
53Govt.Sr.Sec.School.BodalVarinder Kumar ClerkEOMC Office Dasuya99153 75621
54Dayia Nand Model School, DasuyaSatish Kumar ClerkEOMC Dasuya96460-20249
55Dayia Nand Model School, DasuyaAmarjit Singh ClerkEOMC Dasuya99144-66483
56Nagar Palika Office, DasuyaJagjit Sigh MPHW Mand PandharPHC Mand Pandher98159-96386
57Govt. Girls Sec.School, DasuaSantokh Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya78373-19198
58Govt. Girls Sec.School, DasuaAvtar Singh Pump OperatorP.S.T.C Dasuya98147-16834
59Govt. Elementary School, Railway Road DasuaDavinder Kuar AasaWorkerPHC Mand Pandher 
60Govt. Elementary School, Railway Road DasuaDharminder Singh MPHW (M)PHC Mand Pandher94170-76070
61Govt.Sr. Sec. School, DasuyaGurmeet Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya98158-62339
62Govt.Sr. Sec. School, DasuyaBalwinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya 
63Govt.Sr. Sec. School, DasuyaParvirth Singh MPHW (M)PHC Mand Pandher94170-71401
64Govt.Sr. Sec. School, DasuyaHardev Singh ClerkEOMC, Dasuya98148-50945
65Govt. Elementary School, Dharampura - W.N.-9 DashaJasbir Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya94781-77543
66B. D. P. O. Office, DasuyaRajesh Kumari Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya97813-88009
67B. D. P. O. Office, DasuyaRajinder Singh ClerkG.S.S.S.Jandaur99153-60609
68Office Tehsil, DasuyaTejinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya94659-27377
69Office Tehsil, DasuyaHardeep Singh Panchayat SecretaryBDPO Dasuya97798-13696
70D.A.V Pindi Dass Vidilaya School,DasuyaSaroop Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya94632-68146
71Office Xen, Punjab State Electricity Board G.T Road DasuyaSham Lal ClerkD.A.V. Sr. Sec. School Balagan94655-80214
72D.A.V Pindi Dass Vidilaya School,DasuyaJatinder Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94174-94921
73Govt. Elementary School, HardothlaMohan Lal Panchayat SecretaryBDPO Office Dasuya94632-84889
74Govt. Ele. School,Gagg SultanBaljinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94637-72005
75Govt. Elementary School, FatehgarhSukhdev Kumar V.D.O.BDPO Office Dasuya94642-92801
76Govt. Ele. School,HalerhPankaj Gupta ClerkBPEO-2 Dasuya94171-14620
77Govt. Secondary School, GhograVeena Kumari Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya98767-28145
78Govt. Secondary School, GhograKulwinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94640-60169
79Govt Ele. School, Jalal ChakAbhishek Pathania ClerkGHS Kallowal95924-76587
80Govt. Secondary School, SagranSanjeev Kumar Panchayat SecretaryBDPO Office Dasuya94632-62051
81Govt. Elementary School, MirpurRanjit Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya01883-260999
82Govt. Ele. School,SarihpurGurmit Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya01883-287722 94178-83221
83Govt. Elementary School, Chak MehraSatveer Kaur ClerkGSSS Bisso Chak88725-87023
84Ges Fattan ChakBalwinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya01883-260808 87727-97137
85Govt. Ele. SchoolblaganJagdip Singh PatwariKandi Canal Divn. Hoshiarpur81466-13237
86Govt. Ele. School, Bangali PurI'Sh Pkbk Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya 
87Govt.Ele.School,JalotaRekha Rani Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office,Dasuya75892-95947
88Govt. Sec. School, PanwaNirmal Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office,Dasuya94630-12045
89Govt. Sec. School, PanwaKewal Ram ClerkGHS Dhaddar94648-38822
90Govt Ele. School,BajwaNarinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya98764-52697 01883-290088
91Ges SaggalKamaljit Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya88728-10193 98556-86554
92Govt.Ele.School,RandhawaHardeep Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94637-76489
93Govt. Ele. School,KulaarBaljit Singh ClerkGHS Passi Kandi94648-39828
94Govt. Ele. School, JanderJatinder Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94172-87117
95Govt. Ele. School, MandRita Rani Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya95016-60194
96G.E.S KakoaJasbir Kuar Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94655-79971
97Govt. Elementary School, Takhi PurJasbir Kuar Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94655-79971
98Govt. Elementary School, Khunkhun PandherBalbir Singh MPHWPHC Mand Pandher98883-53995
99Govt. Sec. School, KalluwalKulvir Kaur Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya94650-66501
100Govt. Elementary School, Passi KandhiShubh Kiran Aganwari WorkerC D P O Dasuya95928-42498
101Govt. Elementary School, BanialKharak Singh PlumberMarket Committee Dasuya98765-58192
102Govt. Ele. School, Toe Makho WalBalwinder Kumar MPHWPHC Mand Pandher98765-55750, 01883-258588
103Govt. Sec. School, DhadharSatnam Singh VDO.BDPO,Dasuya94637 07298
104Govt. Ele. School, Behbo WalJind Kuar Aganwari WorkerCDPO office Dasuya98767-72125
105Govt. Ele. School, Behbo WalRajesh Kumar MPHWPHC Mand Pandher98557-71691
106Govt. Elementary School, Biso ChakSunil Kumar MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94177-84698
107Govt. Ele. School, Mehar BhatoliSunil Kumar MPHWPHC Mand Pandher94172-46853
108Govt. Ele. School, Rai ChakArvinder Singh OCRECMarket Committee Dasuya98555-50076
109Govt. Elementary School,RatreSarwan Dass ClerkEOMC Dasuya94640-56439
110Govt. Ele. School, RachpalwanSarla Devi Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya81469-62889
111Govt. Sec.School, SansarpurRavinder Singh SecretaryA.R.Co. Op. Society Dasuya94178-87108
112Govt.Ele.School.SansarpurHarsh Bagga ClerkGSSS Badla94640-60150
113Govt. Ele. School, KallowalRampal operterPSTS Dasuya90415-28550
114Govt. Ele. School, MakowalRupinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Dasuya94633-38037
115Govt. Elementary School, AglourSudesh Kumar SurveyorSoil Conservation Office Talwara94174-04895
116Govt. Elementary School, DadialPushpinder Kumar ClerkXen. Shah Nehar, Talwara94177-32988
117Govt. Elementary School, DadialSuman Wala A/WCDPO Office Dasuya94659-25675
118Govt.Sr.Sec School, RampurDhanattar Singh SurveyorXen. Shah Nehar, Talwara94176-65147 94172-88497
119Govt. Elementary School, Nek Nama SainsoSubash Kumar Store MunshiXEN Shah Nehar Head Works Talwara90415 58927
120Govt. Elementary School, Chak PhalaVeena Saini Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Hazipur97796-47673
121Govt. Sec. School, BadalaUpdesh Singh S D CXEN Shah Nehar Head Works Talwara84273-59424
122Govt. Sec. School, BadalaSeema Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Hazipur94640-57220
123Govt. Sec. School, BadalaRaman Kumar Work InspectorXEN Shah Nehar Head Works Talwara94636 71755
124Govt. Sec. School , GhugwalBarmo Devi Aganwari WorkerCDPO Office Talawara 
125Govt. Sec. School , GhugwalNaresh Kumari Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara94653-68657
126Govt..Sec. School, SiprianBabita Rani Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara94634-73237
127Govt..Sec. School, SiprianShushil Kumar ClerkXen. Shah Nahar Head Works Divn. Talwara94631-56439
128Govt. Elementary School, JugialSucha Singh J.E.Xen. Water Supply & Sanitation(RWS) Talwara94178-86996
129Govt. Elementary School, SawarAvtar Singh J D MXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94632-19738
130Govt. Elementary School, SawarGurbachan Singh SupervisorXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara95013-53763
131Govt. Ele.School, Shekha MattaAnita Kumari A.W.W.CDPO Office Talwara76964-65229
132Govt. Ele.School, Nikku-ChakSeema Kumari A.W.W.CDPO Office Talwara 
133Govt. Ele.School, Nikku-ChakParveen Kumar ClerkXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara.94632-20970
134Govt. Elementary School, AsafpurAnjana Kumari Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara94636-42336
135Govt. Elementary School, AsafpurGurdial Singh ClerkBPEO Talwara94174-12934
136Govt. Elementary School, BadalaKewal Karish NAXen. shah Nehar head works divn. Talwara97804-02173
137Govt. Elementary School, DepurMulakh Raj DraftsmanXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94173-61838
138Govt. Elementary School, DepurAjit Kumar ClerkXen shah Nahar head works divn. Talwara94785-34630
139Bhawan Gram Panchyat, DapurParveen Kumar ClerkXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94178-87997
140Govt. Elementary School, DepurOm Parkash ClerkXen Shah Nehar H/W Talwara90414-57757
141Govt. Elementary School, Dalwali KalanJiwana Devi Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara94653-62193
142Govt. Elementary School, RaipurNaresh Kumar ClerkSDO Drainage Sub Divn. Dasuya94176-72761
143Govt. Elementary School, KhattigarhSuresh Kumari Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara94648-37244
144Govt Ele School Rakhri Urf DatarpurSantokh Singh JDMXen. Shah Nehar Head Works Divn. Talwara96463-17700
145Govt. Sr.Sec. School, Rakrhi Urf DatarpuBinder Kaur Aganwari WorkerCDPO Talwara01883-231483 94634-38919
146Govt. Sr.Sec. School, Rakrhi Urf DatarpuGurparkash Pump OperatorPSTC Dasuya94171-17231
147Govt. Sr.Sec. School, Rakrhi Urf DatarpuKaram Chand J.E.S.D.O.(OPRATION) PSEB Talwara96461-16728 01883-235502
148Govt. Elementary School, FatehpurSom Nath PatwariSub Tehsil Talwara94649-10607 01883-235006
149Govt. Elementary School, Beh MawaBalveer Singh ClerkSol Cangr. Talwara95920-58718
150Govt. Sec. School, Beh LakhanJaswant Singh Pump OperatorPSTC Dasuya01883-294438 94647-35068
151Govt. Sec. School, Beh LakhanKashmir Singh Pump OperatorPSTC Dasuya01883-232011
152Govt. Elementary School, Heer BehNaresh Kumari Anganwari WorkerC D P O Talwara95309-97299
153Govt. Elementary School, Heer BehRaj Rani Anganwari WorkerC D P O Talwara94656-63266
154Govt. Elementary School, Beh BidiyaRajesh Kumar SLAGSSS Kamahi Devi94174-79864
155Govt. Elementary School, Beh BidiyaRobin Kumar ClerkXEN Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94633-37832
156Govt. Elementary School, Beh RangaMeena Rani Anganwari WorkerC D P O Talwara01883-232140 93189-17891
157Govt. Ele. School, Beh NangalBaldev Singh NAGSSS Dharampura94631-58883
158Govt. Ele. School, Beh NangalMalkit Singh TechnicianADO office Talwara94174-80861
159Govt. Elementary School, KothiSurjit Singh ClerkS.N.E. Civil Sub Divn. No. 2 Talwara94648-47130
160Govt. Elementary School, KothiKrishan Dev ClerkGSSS Ramgarh98788-73228
161Govt. Elementary School, NaurangpurNeena Rani Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara94635-41834
162Govt. Elementary School , LabbarBirbal Sharma Meter ReaderPSPCL Talwara94172-82704
163Govt. Secondary School, ChamuhiSatish Kumar ALMPSPCL Talwara98721-46105
164Govt. Elementary School, Beh ChuharVir Inder Singh Health WorkerPHC Hajipur94634-40262
165Govt. Elementary School, Beh ChuharSharda Devi Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara94173-62902
166Govt Ele School Behkhushala (Jhota Patti)Satpal J.E.Xen. Water Supply & Sanitation (RWS) Talwara94178-88063
167Govt. Elementary School, Behkhushala (Rairu Patti)Biaso Devi Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara97795-79126 98788-62416
168Govt.Sec. School, BariSunita Kumari Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara98768-39683
169Govt.Sec. School, BariNiranjan Singh ASISoil Conservation Office Talwara84274-10728
170Govt. High. School, BerhingBalbir Singh SurveyerSoil Conservation Office Talwara94171-72584
171Govt. High. School, BerhingVipan Kumar ASISoil Conservation Office Talwara94599-27677
172Govt. Elementary School, Bhol BadmanianOnkar Singh Pump OperatorPSTC Dasuya98780-98213
173Govt. Sec. School, DharampurSuresh Kumari Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara98168-55586
174Govt. Elementary School, JhareraHarvinder Kumar ClerkGHS Palhaar94656-63432
175G0Vt. Elementary School, BhatoliVishwa Nath Junior Meter ReaderSDE PSPCL Talwara98780-83915
176Govt. Elementary School, Ramgarh SikriBimla Devi Anganwari WorkerC.D.P.O.Talwara94658-60664
177Govt. Elementary School, AleraRoshan Lal Jr. AssistantG S S School Bhambotar98769-40859
178Govt Ele School.BringliMadan Lal Panchayat SecretaryBDPO Office Talwara94177-17074
179Public.Sr.Sec School,BaringliDinesh Kumari Anganwari WorkerCDPO Office Talwara01883-235136
180Govt. Elementary School, PalliBandna Dharwal Anganwari WorkerC D P O Talwara94171-22337
181Govt. Elementary School, DharVijay Kumar LAXEN Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94178-84569
182Govt. Elementary School, RajwalBalak Ram AccountantBDPO Talwara94175-89511
183Govt. Elementary School, RajwalBalvir Chand PatwariSub Tehsil Office Talwara94648-70337
184Govt. Elementary School, RajwalSurjit Singh ClerkBDPO Talwara98766-19233
185Govt. Elementary School, TalwaraSurinder Singh Saini AEEXEN Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94171-26237
186Govt. Elementary School, TalwaraBhagwan Dass ForemanPSPCL Talwara94177-51495
187Govt. Elementary School, TalwaraTony Kumar Union meter readr. TalwaraTalwara94170-43137
188Public High School TalwaraVinod Pal FormanPSEB Talwara94631-57472
189Public High School TalwaraRaksh Pal Sharma InspectorAR Co Societies Dharampur ( Talwara)94632-62332
190Public High School TalwaraBiban Chand Patwari PatwariN. T. Talwara94178-82456
191Govt. Sen Sec School Boys Talwara Township Sector 1Harsh Pal StenoXEN Shah Nehar H/W Talwara94639-45511
192Govt. Sen Sec School Boys Talwara Township Sector 1Neeraj Kumar ClerkXEN Shah Nehar H/W Talwara98150-74014

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