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District: Golaghat 

Constituency: BOKAKHAT
Booth Level Officers List

Polling Station No.Polling Station NameNameDesignationOffice AddressContact No.
1 No. 2 Hatikholi Chah Bagicha L.P. School Smti Jyotimoi Rajkhowa AWWSildubi9864642185
1No. 2 Hatikholi Chah Bagicha L.P. School,Hatikhuli BaganSmti Jyotimoi Rajkhowa AWWSildubi9864642185
2No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (RW),Hatikhuli BaganSmti Jhorna Upadhaya AWWHatikhuli TE9864779028
2 No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (RW) Smti Jhorna Upadhaya AWWHatikhuli TE9864779028
3 No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (LW) Sri Sunil Das GBHatikhuli9435458557
3No.1 Hatikhuli Chah Bagicha L.P. (LW),Hatikhuli BaganSri Sunil Das GBHatikhuli9435458557
4Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School (RW),No.1 KohoraSmti Bishnumaya Devi AWWHatikhuli Rangajan9954535956
4 Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School (RW) Smti Bishnumaya Devi AWWHatikhuli Rangajan9954535956
5 Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School(LW) Smti Gita Karmakar AWWRongajan9508464988
5Rangajan Bagicha L.P.School(LW),No.1 KohoraSmti Gita Karmakar AWWRongajan9508464988
6Kohora M.E. School (RW),No.1 KohoraSmti Bornali Bora AWWKohora9859362906
6 Kohora M.E. School (RW) Smti Bornali Bora AWWKohora9859362906
7 Kohora M.E. School (LW) Smti Kironmoi Bora Gogoi AWWKohora9613228751
7Kohora M.E. School (LW),No.1 KohoraSmti Kironmoi Bora Gogoi AWWKohora9613228751
8Mohpora L.P.School(RW),MohporaSmti Jinti Boruah AWWMohpara9613919844
8 Mohpora L.P.School(RW) Smti Jinti Boruah AWWMohpara9613919844
9 Mohpora L.P.School(LW) Smti Sumi Gogoi AWWMohpara9678693123
9Mohpora L.P.School(LW),MohporaSmti Sumi Gogoi AWWMohpara9678693123
10Kaziranga National Park High School,KohoraSmti Mitali Pathak AWWKohora Bogorijuri9678511494
10 Kaziranga National Park High School Smti Mitali Pathak AWWKohora Bogorijuri9678511494
11 Kohora Banuwa L.P. Mrs Juli Bora Saikia AWWKohora9954536009
11Kohora Banuwa L.P.,KohoraMrs Juli Bora Saikia AWWKohora9954536009
12Kaziranga High School,No.1 DomjanSmti Punya Bora Saikia GBChepena Kubua99543 19736
12 Kaziranga High School Smti Punya Bora Saikia GBChepena Kubua99543 19736
13 Kaziranga L.P.School(RW) Smti Biju Gogoi AWWBosagaon9577586773
13Kaziranga L.P.School (RW),No.2 DomjanSmti Biju Gogoi AWWBosagaon9577586773
14Kaziranga L.P.School (LW),No.2 DomjanSmti Anjuma Gogoi Borua AWWBocha Gaon9859301667
14 Kaziranga L.P.School(LW) Smti Anjuma Gogoi Borua AWWBocha Gaon9859301667
15 Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School(RW) Smti Buluma Borgohain AWWGeleki9678763113
15Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School(RW),GosaniborSmti Buluma Borgohain AWWGeleki9678763113
16Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School(LW),GosaniborSmti Divyajyoti Borgohain AWWGeleki9854109246
16 Mohendra Nath Dutta L.P. School(LW) Smti Divyajyoti Borgohain AWWGeleki9854109246
17 Geleki M.E.School Smti Tulshi Devi AWWGeleki9864138709
17Geleki M.E.School,La khipur GelekiSmti Tulshi Devi AWWGeleki9864138709
18Siljuri Bagan L.P.School,Siljuri BaganSri Darsingh Hancey GBKakajuri9954592866
18 Siljuri Bagan L.P.School Sri Darsingh Hancey GBKakajuri9954592866
19 M.E.thoni Bagan L.P.School Sri Budhu Majhi GBMethoni8011146159
19M.E.thoni Bagan L.P.School,Methoni BaganSri Budhu Majhi GBMethoni8011146159
20Panbari Nigam (SC) L.P.School,Panbari Reserve ForestSmti Bharati Das AWWPanbari9854110382
20 Panbari Nigam (SC) L.P.School Smti Bharati Das AWWPanbari9854110382
21 Borjuri Bagicha L.P.School Smti Ranu Saikia Dutta AWWMethani9954673548
21Borjuri Bagicha L.P.School,Borjuri BaganSmti Ranu Saikia Dutta AWWMethani9954673548
22Borjuri Bonua L.P.School,Borjuri BaganSmti Debajani Chetri AWWDiffoloopather9678963017
22 Borjuri Bonua L.P.School Smti Debajani Chetri AWWDiffoloopather9678963017
23 Japori Pather L.P.School Smti Ganga Devi AWWJapori Pather9854861754
23Japori Pather L.P.School,Japori PatherSmti Ganga Devi AWWJapori Pather9854861754
24Diffolloo Pather L.P. School (RW),Diffolloo PatharSri Biren Koch GBDiffoloo Pather9613766402
24 Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School (RW) Sri Biren Koch GBDiffoloo Pather9613766402
25 Diffolloo Pathar L.P. School (LW) Smti Gita Devi AWWDiffoloopather9859332674
25Diffolloo Pather L.P. School (LW),Diffolloo PatharSmti Gita Devi AWWDiffoloopather9859332674
26Diffolloo Pather M.E. (RW),Ahom GaonSmti Anu Saikia AWWBorjuri Bagan9678212909
26 Diffolloo Pathar M.E. (RW) Smti Anu Saikia AWWBorjuri Bagan9678212909
27 Diffolloo Pathar M.E. (LW) Sri Munna Das GBBorbheta9859386155
27Diffolloo Pather M.E. (LW),Ahom GaonSri Munna Das GBBorbheta9859386155
28Kandhulimari L.P. School,KandhulimariSmti Numali Kheria AWWKandhulimari No.29864329280
28 Kandhulimari L.P. School Smti Numali Kheria AWWKandhulimari No.29864329280
29 Agaratali L.P. School Smti Jinaki Doley Kardong AWWBelguri9854162858
29Agaratali L.P. School,AgoratoliSmti Jinaki Doley Kardong AWWBelguri9854162858
30Lotabari Bagan L.P. School,LatabariSmti Sawoti Nath AWWLatabari9508155461
30 Lotabari Bagan L.P. School Smti Sawoti Nath AWWLatabari9508155461
31 Borbheta L.P.School Smti Radhika Devi AWWBorbheta9954778172
31Borbheta L.P.School,BorbhetaSmti Radhika Devi AWWBorbheta9954778172
32Bohikhuwa Chapori L.P. School,BohikhuwaMd Sabir Uddin Ahammed GBBohikhowa9957787339
32 Bohikhuwa Chapori L.P. School Md Sabir Uddin Ahammed GBBohikhowa9957787339
33 Bohikhuwa Ganakati L.P. School Smti Rijoya Kardong AWWBohikhowa9954560540
33Bohikhuwa Ganakati L.P. School,BohikhuwaSmti Rijoya Kardong AWWBohikhowa9954560540
34Polashguri Dhansiri Mukh L.P. School,Bamungaon NCSri Upen Charah GBBamungaon8011573004
34 Polashguri Dhansiri Mukh L.P. School Sri Upen Charah GBBamungaon8011573004
35 Kolakhowa L.P. School (RW) Smti Anju Das AWWAnandapur9859341194
35Kolakhowa L.P. School (RW),KoroiatiSmti Anju Das AWWAnandapur9859341194
36Kalyanpur L.P.School,KalakhuwaSmti Rashmi Rekha Devi AWWKalakhowa9954026114
36 Kalyanpur L.P.School Smti Rashmi Rekha Devi AWWKalakhowa9954026114
37 Kolakhowa L.P. School (LW) Smti Jyoti Bora AWWKoroiwati9678116446
37Kolakhowa L.P. School (LW),KalakhuwaSmti Jyoti Bora AWWKoroiwati9678116446
38Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (RW),Diffollo BaganSmti Minoti Boruah AWWDiffoloo Bagan9954777368
38 Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (RW) Smti Minoti Boruah AWWDiffoloo Bagan9954777368
39 Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (LW) Smti Nibedita Hazarika AWWDiffloo T.E9854110094
39Diffoloo Bagan L.P. School (LW),Diffollo BaganSmti Nibedita Hazarika AWWDiffloo T.E9854110094
40Koilakhat L.P. School,KoilakhatSmti Chandra Prabha Bora AWWKoilakhat9864168287
40 Koilakhat L.P. School Smti Chandra Prabha Bora AWWKoilakhat9864168287
41 Balijan M.E. School (RW) Smti Jinu Moni Nath AWWBalijan Missing Gaon9508533506
41Balijan M.E. School (RW),BalijanSmti Jinu Moni Nath AWWBalijan Missing Gaon9508533506
42Balijan M.E. School (LW),BalijanSmti Runu Saikia AWWBalijan Natun Gaon9613343961
42 Balijan M.E. School (LW) Smti Runu Saikia AWWBalijan Natun Gaon9613343961
43 Balijan L.P.School(RW) Smti Asfia Begum AWWBalijan9864054297
43Balijan L.P.School(RW),BalijanSmti Asfia Begum AWWBalijan9864054297
44Balijan L.P.School(LW),BalijanSmti Remi Hazarika AWWBalijan9707773040
44 Balijan L.P.School(LW) Smti Remi Hazarika AWWBalijan9707773040
45 Dhansiri Tribal MV School Smti Mina Chetri AWWPalashguri8011431912
45Dhansiri Tribal MV School,Polash GuriSmti Mina Chetri AWWPalashguri8011431912
46Jogalati L.P. School(RW),JugalatiSmti Utpala Kakoti AWWJugalati9954840296
46 Jogalati L.P. School(RW) Smti Utpala Kakoti AWWJugalati9954840296
47 Jogalati L.P.School (LW) Smti Priti Rekha Bora AWWJugalati9954893797
47Jogalati L.P.School (LW),JugalatiSmti Priti Rekha Bora AWWJugalati9954893797
48Prongania Jyoti L.P.School,PoronganiaSmti Renumai Kaman AWWNikorighat9859889743
48 Prongania Jyoti L.P.School Smti Renumai Kaman AWWNikorighat9859889743
49 Missamoriya Gaon L.P.School Smti Dipali Kaman AWWNikorighat9707470942
49Missamoriya Gaon L.P.School,Siljuri KakojuriSmti Dipali Kaman AWWNikorighat9707470942
50Namdoyang L.P. School (RW),Bokakhat TownSmti Rinku Moni Deka AWWMilonpur9707927245
50 Namdoyang L.P. School (RW) Smti Rinku Moni Deka AWWMilonpur9707927245
51 Mungilal Krishna Devi L.P.School Smti Menaka Pegu AWWUdaypur9957186085
51Mungilal Krishna Devi L.P.School,Bokakhat TownSmti Menaka Pegu AWWUdaypur9957186085
52Namdoyang L.P. School (LW),Bokakhat TownSmti Sabita Boslet AWWUdaypur9577122846
52 Namdoyang L.P. School (LW) Smti Sabita Boslet AWWUdaypur9577122846
53 Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P (RW) Smti Tilarupa Devi AWWNepaligaon8011573224
53Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P (RW),Bokakhat TownSmti Tilarupa Devi AWWNepaligaon8011573224
54Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P (LW),Bokakhat TownSmti Kunti Devi Chetri AWWNepaligaon9401139424
54 Bokakhat Town Hindi L.P (LW) Smti Kunti Devi Chetri AWWNepaligaon9401139424
55 Bokakhat Town L.P. School Smti Rashmi Rekha Bordoloi AWWBishnupur9864175062
55Bokakhat Town L.P. School ,Bokakhat TownSmti Rashmi Rekha Bordoloi AWWBishnupur9864175062
56Bokakhat Higher Secondary School,Bokakhat TownSmti Junu Moni Bora Saikia AWWBoragaon9613361201
56 Bokakhat Higher Secondary School Smti Junu Moni Bora Saikia AWWBoragaon9613361201
57 Joypur L.P. School Smti Anima Bora AWWDagaon9954393077
57Joypur L.P. School,Kumaroni atiSmti Anima Bora AWWDagaon9954393077
58Pub Da Gaon L.P. School,Da-GaonSmti Harinya Bora AWWDagaon9854818711
58 Pub Da gaon L.P. School Smti Harinya Bora AWWDagaon9854818711
59 Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(RW) Smti Lakhmi Kalindi AWWIkorajan9954904255
59Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(RW),Bokakhat Bagan(Ikorajan)Smti Lakhmi Kalindi AWWIkorajan9954904255
60Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(LW),Bokakhat Bagan(Ikorajan)Smti Nibha Saikia AWWBokakhat TE9859688190
60 Bokakhat Chah Bagicha L.P.School(LW) Smti Nibha Saikia AWWBokakhat TE9859688190
61 Khotiakholi L.P. School Smti Mridula Saikia AWWKhatiakhuli9859656313
61Khotiakholi L.P. School ,KhotiakholiSmti Mridula Saikia AWWKhatiakhuli9859656313
62Khotiakholi Sanmilita L.P.School,Nepali khutiSmti Nibha Bharali AWWNepalikhuti9954115273
62 Khotiakholi Sanmilita L.P.School Smti Nibha Bharali AWWNepalikhuti9954115273
63 Rajabari High School ( RW) Smti Smriti Saikia AWWRajabari9957416732
63Rajabari High School ( RW),RajabariSmti Smriti Saikia AWWRajabari9957416732
64Rajabari High School ( LW),Rajabari (Part)Smti Rumi Bora AWWRajabari9957684548
64 Rajabari High School ( LW) Smti Rumi Bora AWWRajabari9957684548
65 Kuruabahi Satra Rajgarh L.P. School Smti Jaya Deowri AWWRajghar9957408703
65Kuruabahi Satra Rajgarh L.P. School,Kuruabahi Satra(Rajgarh)Smti Jaya Deowri AWWRajghar9957408703
66Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (RW),Kuruabahi Satra (Part II)Smti Bibha Saikia AWWKuruabahi9957490997
66 Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (RW) Smti Bibha Saikia AWWKuruabahi9957490997
67 Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (LW) Smti Rita Das AWWKuruabahi9613037578
67Kuruabahi Satra L.P. School (LW),Kuruabahi Satra (Part III)Smti Rita Das AWWKuruabahi9613037578
68Kuruabahi Higher Secondary School,Kuruabahi Satra (Part III)Smti Purnima Dutta AWWKuruabahi Satra9957618718
68 Kuruabahi Higher Secondary School Smti Purnima Dutta AWWKuruabahi Satra9957618718
69 No 1 Kuruabahi L.P. School Smti Pratibha Das AWWPub Kuruabahi9859346511
69No 1 Kuruabahi L.P. School,KuruabahiSmti Pratibha Das AWWPub Kuruabahi9859346511
70Chinakan L.P. School,Borai KhowaSmti Rupa Devi AWWBoraikhowa Chapori9678583988
70 Chinakan L.P. School Smti Rupa Devi AWWBoraikhowa Chapori9678583988
71 Jyotipur L.P. School (RW) Smti Jinu Gogoi Tamuli AWWJyotipur9859938408
71Jyotipur L.P. School (RW),Mohmaikigaon (Part II)Smti Jinu Gogoi Tamuli AWWJyotipur9859938408
72Jyotipur L.P. School (LW),Mohmaikigaon (Part II)Smti Ranu Borua AWWJyotipur 
72 Jyotipur L.P. School (LW) Smti Ranu Borua AWWJyotipur 
73 Mohmaiki L.P. School(RW) Smti Dulumoni Saikia AWWMohmaiki Gaon9864779316
73Mohmaiki L.P. School (RW),Mohmaiki (Part I)Smti Dulumoni Saikia AWWMohmaiki Gaon9864779316
74Bokakhat Town High School,Mohmaiki (Part I)Smti Aroti Borah Gogoi AWWMohmaiki MohutGaon 
74 Bokakhat Town High School Smti Aroti Borah Gogoi AWWMohmaiki MohutGaon 
75 Mohmaiki L.P. School (LW) Smti Nizara Dutta AWWMohmaiki Gaon9864308750
75Mohmaiki L.P. School (LW),Mohmaiki (Part I)Smti Nizara Dutta AWWMohmaiki Gaon9864308750
76Jogi Gaon Bonuwa L.P. School,JogigaonSmti Runumai Chetia AWWDhopaliaGaon9954475415
76 Jogigaon Bonuwa L.P. School Smti Runumai Chetia AWWDhopaliaGaon9954475415
77 Neheru Bidyapith Kendra Smti Nilima Devi Bordoloi AWWDafala Da9859688147
77Neheru Bidyapith Kendra,Dafala DagaonSmti Nilima Devi Bordoloi AWWDafala Da9859688147
78Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (RW),GarmurgaonSmti Rupa Boruah AWWGormur9954927934
78 Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (RW) Smti Rupa Boruah AWWGormur9954927934
79 Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (LW) Smti Anjana Bora AWWGormur9613094212
79Gormur Ikarajan L.P. School (LW),GarmurgaonSmti Anjana Bora AWWGormur9613094212
80Lokhowjan Chah Bagicha L.P. School,GelekiSmti Binu Handique AWWLokhowjan9954325867
80 Lokhowjan Chah Bagicha L.P. School Smti Binu Handique AWWLokhowjan9954325867
81 Gohaigaon L.P. School Smti Adti Devi AWWGohai Gaon8011572909
81Gohaigaon L.P. School,LokhowjanSmti Adti Devi AWWGohai Gaon8011572909
82Nahorjan Bagan Mozdur Club ,Balijan BaganSmti Bina Bora Neog AWWNaharjan9613360766
82 Nahorjan Bagan Mozdur Club Smti Bina Bora Neog AWWNaharjan9613360766
83 Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (RW) Smti Anjali Robi Das AWWNaharjan No.19957008281
83Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (RW),Nahorjan Bagan (Part I)Smti Anjali Robi Das AWWNaharjan No.19957008281
84Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (LW),Nahorjan Bagan (Part II)Smti Indira Bora AWWNaharjan9954308065
84 Nahorjan Bagan L.P. School (LW) Smti Indira Bora AWWNaharjan9954308065
85 Borchapori Chah Bagicha L.P. School Smti Rupa Loying Tanti AWWBorchapori9678600370
85Borchapori Chah Bagicha L.P. School,Borchapori Bagan (Part I)Smti Rupa Loying Tanti AWWBorchapori9678600370
86Borchapori Stuff Club,Borchapori Bagan (Part II)Smti Ranudas Saikia AWWBorchapori8011845408
86 Borchapori Stuff Club Smti Ranudas Saikia AWWBorchapori8011845408
87 Borchapori Mazdoor Club Smti Anee Koiri AWWBorchapori9957934830
87Borchapori Mazdoor Club,Borchapori Bagan (Part II)Smti Anee Koiri AWWBorchapori9957934830
88Behora Bagan Stuff Club,Behora Bagan (Part I)Smti Tali Ghose AWWBehora9954539620
88 Behora Bagan Stuff Club Smti Tali Ghose AWWBehora9954539620
89 Behora Bagan L.P. School Smti Mina Rani Das AWWBehora9687972018
89Behora Bagan L.P. School,Behora Bagan (Part I)Smti Mina Rani Das AWWBehora9687972018
90Behora Bagan Labour Club,Behora Bagan (Part II)Smti Bhabani Tanti AWWBehora9954089495
90 Behora Bagan Labour Club Smti Bhabani Tanti AWWBehora9954089495
91 Behora Mikir Chang Bagan L.P. School Smti Nirmala Robi Das AWWMikir Chang8011572287
91Behora Mikir Chang Bagan L.P. School,Mikir Chang BaganSmti Nirmala Robi Das AWWMikir Chang8011572287
92Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (RW),Numaligarh Bagicha (Part I)Smti Arunima Bora Deka AWWNumalighar9954872826
92 Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (RW) Smti Arunima Bora Deka AWWNumalighar9954872826
93 Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (LW) Smti Anjuma Sultana AWWNumaligharTE9957283494
93Numaligarh Bagan L.P. School (LW),Numaligarh Bagicha (Part I)Smti Anjuma Sultana AWWNumaligharTE9957283494
94Numaligarh Bagan Mozdoor Club,Numaligarh Bagicha (Part II)Smti Nirupama Tanti AWWNumalighar TE9954905913
94 Numaligarh Bagan Mozdoor Club Smti Nirupama Tanti AWWNumalighar TE9954905913
95 Numaligarh Bagicha Staff Club Smti Deepti Gogoi AWWNumalighar9435438001
95Numaligarh Bagicha Staff Club,Numaligarh Bagicha (Part III)Smti Deepti Gogoi AWWNumalighar9435438001
96Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School (RW),Numaligarh TownSmti Mira Kachari AWWNumaligarhDhar9954967890
96 Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School(RW) Smti Mira Kachari AWWNumaligarhDhar9954967890
97 Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School(LW) Smti Nirada Kachari AWWNumaligarhDhar9954365467
97Numaligarh Dharma Sabha L.P.School (LW),Numaligarh TownSmti Nirada Kachari AWWNumaligarhDhar9954365467
98Chaura Bosti L.P. School (RW),Numaligarh BlockSmti Deepti Saikia AWWKaliani Block9957259975
98 Chaura Bosti L.P. School (RW) Smti Deepti Saikia AWWKaliani Block9957259975
99 Chaura Bosti L.P. School (LW) Smti TinkumoniSarma AWWNumalighar Pather9954376072
99Chaura Bosti L.P. School (LW),Numaligarh BlockSmti TinkumoniSarma AWWNumalighar Pather9954376072
100Deopahar M.E. School,NRL TownshipSri Hiralal Borman ATDeopahar M.E8011685405
100 Deopahar M.E. School Sri Hiralal Borman ATDeopahar M.E8011685405
101 Ruhita Chapori L.P. School Smti Ripa Moni Pegu AWWRuhitachapori 
101Ruhita Chapori L.P. School,BorbaliSmti Ripa Moni Pegu AWWRuhitachapori 
102Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (RW),Bonkuwal(Part I)Smti Gitumoni Morang Loying AWWBonkuwak Madhya9678116584
102 Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (RW) Smti Gitumoni Morang Loying AWWBonkuwak Madhya9678116584
103 Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (LW) Smti Rupali Loying Daw AWWBonkowal9678205930
103Bonkuwal Senior Basic School (LW),Bonkuwal(Part I)Smti Rupali Loying Daw AWWBonkowal9678205930
104Bonkuwal High School,Bonkuwal(Part I)Smti Navajyoti Bori Pegu AWWBonkowal Kalibari9854847509
104 Bonkuwal High School Smti Navajyoti Bori Pegu AWWBonkowal Kalibari9854847509
105 K.M. L.P.School Smti Anita Pegu AWWKemeri 
105K.M. L.P.School,Bonkuwal(Partll)Smti Anita Pegu AWWKemeri 
106No. 1 Riri Gaon L.P. School,Riri GaonSmti Sumitra Kutum AWWRiri Gaon9678116559
106 No. 1 Riri gaon L.P. School Smti Sumitra Kutum AWWRiri Gaon9678116559
107 Tajang Kutum M.E Smti Kalpana Bori AWWAlengmari9577192164
107Tajang Kutum M.E,Dhansiri TemeraSmti Kalpana Bori AWWAlengmari9577192164
108Gutung L.P.School (RW),Nikori gaonSmti Jambawati Pegu AWWNekori9954034669
108 Gutung L.P.School (RW) Smti Jambawati Pegu AWWNekori9954034669
109 Gutung L.P. School(LW) Smti Naji Tara Bori Loying AWWNikori Gutung9678527644
109Gutung L.P. School(LW),Nikori gaonSmti Naji Tara Bori Loying AWWNikori Gutung9678527644
110Goroimari L.P. School (RW),GoroimariSmti Moinamoti Morang AWWGoroimari9678963583
110 Goroi mari L.P. School (RW) Smti Moinamoti Morang AWWGoroimari9678963583
111 Goroi mari L.P. School (LW) Smti Jyotimoni Das AWWGoroimari9954034669
111Goroimari L.P. School (LW),GoroimariSmti Jyotimoni Das AWWGoroimari9954034669
112Bortika L.P. School,BortikaSmti Ranju Bori AWWBortika8011573303
112 Bortika L.P. School Smti Ranju Bori AWWBortika8011573303
113 No.2 Afala L.P. School Smti Bhanu Pradhan AWWAffala No.28011279080
113No.2 Afala L.P. School,AfalaSmti Bhanu Pradhan AWWAffala No.28011279080
114Mohuramukh High School (RW),HahchoraSmti SimaTamuli AWWHahsora9706342576
114 Mohuramukh High School (RW) Smti SimaTamuli AWWHahsora9706342576
115 Mohuramukh High School (LW) Smti Purnima Borah AWWBilotia Gaon No.19613593898
115Mohuramukh High School (LW),BilotiyaSmti Purnima Borah AWWBilotia Gaon No.19613593898
116No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( RW),BorpakSmti Manju Duarah AWWNa-Pamua9954115025
116 No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( RW) Smti Manju Duarah AWWNa-Pamua9954115025
117 No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( LW) Smti Dipa Borah AWWBudhbari9864612567
117No. 2 Budhbari L.P. School ( LW),BudhbariSmti Dipa Borah AWWBudhbari9864612567
118Dhudang L.P. School,DhodangSmti Ajanta Saikia AWWDhudang Gaon9954311430
118 Dhudang L.P. School Smti Ajanta Saikia AWWDhudang Gaon9954311430
119 Parghat L.P. School Smti Kushalata Borah AWWParghat9954484093
119Parghat L.P. School,ParghatSmti Kushalata Borah AWWParghat9954484093
120Rongagora L.P. School,Rongagora Gaon (Part I)Smti Pallabi Das AWWRangagorah9854431115
120 Rongagora L.P. School Smti Pallabi Das AWWRangagorah9854431115
121 Rongagora Senior Basic School Smti Jyoti Bori AWWRongagorah9613640559
121Rongagora Senior Basic School,Rongagora Gaon (Part II)Smti Jyoti Bori AWWRongagorah9613640559
122Mohura Borpother L.P. School,Borpother GoriaSmti Mina Barohi AWWMohura Borpather9613598398
122 Mohura Borpother L.P. School Smti Mina Barohi AWWMohura Borpather9613598398
123 Srimanta Sankardev High School Smti Tulumoni Gogoi AWWBorpather Goria9613590329
123Srimanta Sankardev High School,Borpother GoriaSmti Tulumoni Gogoi AWWBorpather Goria9613590329
124Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (RW),Rongagora BaganSmti Pinki Gond Gowala AWWRongagorah Bagan9854109909
124 Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (RW) Smti Pinki Gond Gowala AWWRongagorah Bagan9854109909
125 Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (LW) Smti Janmoni Hazarika AWWRongagorah Bagan9613592568
125Rangagora Bagan L.P. School (LW),Rongagora BaganSmti Janmoni Hazarika AWWRongagorah Bagan9613592568
126Radhabari Bagan L.P. School,Radhabari BaganSmti Bitumoni Saikia AWWRadhabari Bagan9854828371
126 Radhabari Bagan L.P. School Smti Bitumoni Saikia AWWRadhabari Bagan9854828371
127 Panidihingia L.P. School Smti Rintuna Dutta Borua AWWDihingia9613346345
127Panidihingia L.P. School,DihingiaSmti Rintuna Dutta Borua AWWDihingia9613346345
128KamarGaon Senior Basic School,Karoni HolaSmti Dipandita Borah AWWKaronihola9854151082
128 Kamargaon Senior Basic School Smti Dipandita Borah AWWKaronihola9854151082
129 Mohura High School (RW) Smti Rupali Saikia AWWBar-Dihiagia9859090960
129Mohura High School (RW),BordihingiaSmti Rupali Saikia AWWBar-Dihiagia9859090960
130Mohura High School (LW),BordihingiaSmti Rupali Neog AWWDihingia Gaon9435604065
130 Mohura High School (LW) Smti Rupali Neog AWWDihingia Gaon9435604065
131 Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (RW) Smti Bhanu Bora Senapati AWWBhakat Chapori9864937070
131Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (RW),No-2 Bokuli ChaporiSmti Bhanu Bora Senapati AWWBhakat Chapori9864937070
132Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (LW),No-2 Bokuli ChaporiSmti Anima Pegu AWWBhaat Gaon 
132 Bhakat Chapori L.P. School (LW) Smti Anima Pegu AWWBhaat Gaon 
133 Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School(RW) Smti Rojima Pegu AWWKanchachapori9613766486
133Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School(RW),Kancha ChaporiSmti Rojima Pegu AWWKanchachapori9613766486
134Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School(LW),Kancha ChaporiSmti Kunti Pegu AWWKanchachapori9577326863
134 Kancha Capori Binapani Girls M.E. School(LW) Smti Kunti Pegu AWWKanchachapori9577326863
135 Nak -Kati M.E. School-Smti Kabita Chetri AWWTinichuki Mazchapori9854682940
135Nak -Kati M.E. School,Nak Kati ChaporiSmti Kabita Chetri AWWTinichuki Mazchapori9854682940
136Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School (RW),Tini Chuki ChaporiSmti Runu Chetia AWWTinichuki Bali Chapori9613166604
136 Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School (RW) Smti Runu Chetia AWWTinichuki Bali Chapori9613166604
137 Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School (LW) Smti Monteswari Doley AWWTinichuki Chapori 
137Tinisuki Chapari L.P. School (LW),Tini Chuki ChaporiSmti Monteswari Doley AWWTinichuki Chapori 
138Ragdia L.P. School (RW),Alami ChaporiSmti Purnima Hazarika Dutta AWWRagdia9859164355
138 Ragdia L.P. School (RW) Smti Purnima Hazarika Dutta AWWRagdia9859164355
139 Ragdia L.P. School (LW) Smti Sabitri Dutta AWWAlami9854621525
139Ragdia L.P. School (LW),Alami ChaporiSmti Sabitri Dutta AWWAlami9854621525
140Pachim Gulung T.E L.P.School (RW),Gulung DoitialSmti Mina Loying AWWGulung Temera 
140 Pachim Gulung T.E L.P.School (RW) Smti Mina Loying AWWGulung Temera 
141 Pachim Gulung T.E.L.P. School(LW) Smti Rekha Loying AWWGulung Temera 
141Pachim Gulung T.E.L.P. School(LW),Gulung DoitialSmti Rekha Loying AWWGulung Temera 
142Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic (RW),Upper TemeraSmti Premalata Loying AWWUpper Temera9613591912
142 Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic (RW) Smti Premalata Loying AWWUpper Temera9613591912
143 Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic (LW) Smti Anamika Bori AWWUpper Temera9613591416
143Uppar T.E. Jr. Basic (LW),Upper TemeraSmti Anamika Bori AWWUpper Temera9613591416
144Misimiati Namtemera L.P. School,MissimiatiSmti Supa Pegu Loying AWWMissimiati9678413659
144 Misimiati NamteM.E.ra L.P. School Smti Supa Pegu Loying AWWMissimiati9678413659
145 Misimiati Amguri L.P. School Smti Mridula Pathori AWWName Temera9957875932
145Misimiati Amguri L.P. School,NamtemeraSmti Mridula Pathori AWWName Temera9957875932
146Dusutimukh M.E. School (RW),No-1 Pathori MiriSmti Champa Doley AWWDusutimuk9954716447
146 Dusutimukh M.E. School (RW) Smti Champa Doley AWWDusutimuk9954716447
147 Dusutimukh M.E. School (LW) Smti Pratima Doley AWWDusutimukh9613592547
147Dusutimukh M.E. School (LW),No-1 Pathori MiriSmti Pratima Doley AWWDusutimukh9613592547
148Dusutimukh L.P. School,Morongial DoitialSmti Rijumoni Doley AWWDusutimukh9678574509
148 Dusutimukh L.P. School Smti Rijumoni Doley AWWDusutimukh9678574509
149 Rogagora Bonua L.P. School (RW) Sri Ramesh Kurmi GBBongaon 
149Rogagora Bonua L.P. School (RW),BongaonSri Ramesh Kurmi GBBongaon 
150Rongagora Bonua L.P. School (LW),goraBonSmti Bhodreswari Das AWWRongagorah8011572609
150 Rongagora Bonua L.P. School (LW) Smti Bhodreswari Das AWWRongagorah8011572609
151 Rongamoni L.P. School Smti Parul Das Gogoi AWWLeblebi9859063736
151Rongamoni L.P. School,LeblebiSmti Parul Das Gogoi AWWLeblebi9859063736
152Bon Bagicha Bonua L.P. School ,BonbagichaSmti Jikumoni Gogoi AWWBon Bagisha9854558097
152 Bon Bagicha Bonua L.P. School Smti Jikumoni Gogoi AWWBon Bagisha9854558097
153 No.1 Likson L.P. School Smti Jinu Bora Boruah AWWLikson9854308704
153No.1 Likson L.P. School,LiksonSmti Jinu Bora Boruah AWWLikson9854308704
154Bohotguri L.P. School,LiksonSmti Monimala Neog AWWBohotguri9854392179
154 Bohotguri L.P. School Smti Monimala Neog AWWBohotguri9854392179
155 Leb Lebi L.P. School (RW) Sri Prafulla Gogoi GBLeblebi9613766329
155Leb Lebi L.P. School (RW) ,Badulipara BaganSri Prafulla Gogoi GBLeblebi9613766329
156Leb Lebi L.P. School (LW),Badulipara BaganSmti Anjali Gogoi AWWLeblebi9859842880
156 Leb Lebi L.P. School (LW) Smti Anjali Gogoi AWWLeblebi9859842880
157 Rongamati High School (RW) Smti Manjula Das AWWRongamati9859593754
157Rongamati High School (RW),Rongamati KoibortaSmti Manjula Das AWWRongamati9859593754
158Rongamati High School (LW),Rongamati KoibortaSmti Niru Das AWWRongamati9954696166
158 Rongamati High School (LW) Smti Niru Das AWWRongamati9954696166
159 Rongamati M.E. School (RW) Smti Juri Hazarika AWWRongamati9854244880
159Rongamati M.E. School (RW),Rongamati KoibortaSmti Juri Hazarika AWWRongamati9854244880
160Rongamati M.E. School (LW),Rongamati KoibortaSri IndreswarSaikia GBRongamati 
160 Rongamati M.E. School (LW) Sri IndreswarSaikia GBRongamati 
161 Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (RW) Smti Ruma Gowala AWWRongamati9957410805
161Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (RW),Rongamati BaganSmti Ruma Gowala AWWRongamati9957410805
162Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (LW),Rongamati BaganSmti Kalpana Robidas AWWRongamati9613590528
162 Rongamati Bapuji L.P. School (LW) Smti Kalpana Robidas AWWRongamati9613590528
163 Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (RW) Smti Ritamoni Saikia AWWRongamati9854662522
163Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (RW),RongamatiSmti Ritamoni Saikia AWWRongamati9854662522
164Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (LW),RongamatiSmti Nirmala Gogoi AWWBholaguri9613640414
164 Apiram Gogoi Girls High School (LW) Smti Nirmala Gogoi AWWBholaguri9613640414
165 Golok Borbora High School Smti Rekhamoni Saikia AWWCheoni Karunating9859318575
165Golok Borbora High School,SeunigaonSmti Rekhamoni Saikia AWWCheoni Karunating9859318575
166Goriajan Bagan L.P. School,Goriajan BaganSmti Aruna Borah AWWGoriajan Durga Mandir7399320206
166 Goriajan Bagan L.P. School Smti Aruna Borah AWWGoriajan Durga Mandir7399320206

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